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Business Visa - Tanzania

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Business Visa - Tanzania

Tanzanian  business visa is a mandatory requirement for foreigners seeking to operate businesses in Tanzania. Foreign nationals who desire to enter the United Republic of Tanzania for one of the following purposes may be granted a business visa for a duration of up to 90 days:

Special jobs, such as machine repair or short-term training, must be completed.

Conducting short-term professional duties such as auditing accounts, conducting feasibility studies, creating professionals and business relationships, arranging investment arrangements, and so on.

To do any other short-term legitimate business-related duty as defined by the issuing authorities and recognized by the country’s legislation…


  • A copy of the applicant’s current passport is required (biographic data page)
  • The flight’s return ticket
  • The visa price is $250 USD.
  • A work contract or other documentation of the task/assignment that must be completed within three months

Multiple Entry VISA

This Visa may be issued to non-resident directors of Tanzanian companies, persons participating in bilateral meetings, spouses of Tanzanians/Residents, government consultants, representatives of international non-governmental organizations, and any other person as determined by the Commissioner General of Immigration or the Commissioner of Immigration Zanzibar.

Due to bilateral agreements between the two countries, Multiple Visas are also provided to American nationals who intend to visit for vacation or tourism but are not eligible for Ordinary Visa.

These may consist of:

This Visa has a maximum validity of 12 months. The bearer of a Multiple Visa, however, cannot stay in the nation for more than twelve (12) months at a time. They are only allowed to stay in the nation for three months at a time.


  • 100 USD Visa fee; a copy of the applicant’s valid passport (biographic data page);
  • The person to be visited in Tanzania (host) must have a valid passport or national ID OR;
  • OR; a covering letter from the host institution outlining the reasons for the visits and the frequency of them OR;
  • If the applicant is visiting a spouse, attach a certificate of marriage and a passport/national ID OR;
  • The flight’s return ticket;


This Pass may be provided to a foreigner residing in or visiting Tanzania in order to allow him to apply for and get a Residence Permit or Pass, as well as to fulfill any immigration formalities.

A Special Pass can also be utilized to give a foreigner the option to change his immigration status after it has expired.

How to obtain a business visa in Tanzania

Obtaining a business visa in Tanzania is a necessary step for individuals intending to engage in business activities within the country. A business visa allows foreign nationals to enter Tanzania for purposes such as attending meetings, conferences, trade fairs, conducting market research, and exploring business opportunities.

To obtain a business visa for Tanzania, applicants typically need to follow these general steps:

  1. Check Visa Requirements: Before applying for a business visa, it’s essential to review the specific requirements and eligibility criteria set by the Tanzanian immigration authorities. These requirements may vary depending on your nationality, purpose of visit, and duration of stay.

  2. Complete Visa Application Form: Obtain the appropriate visa application form from the Tanzanian embassy, consulate, or online portal. Fill out the form accurately and completely, providing all requested information, including personal details, passport information, purpose of visit, and intended duration of stay.

  3. Gather Required Documents: Along with the completed application form, applicants typically need to submit supporting documents, such as:

    • Valid passport with at least six months’ validity beyond the intended date of departure from Tanzania.
    • Passport-sized photographs meeting the specified requirements.
    • Letter of invitation from a Tanzanian business entity or organization, outlining the purpose of the visit, duration of stay, and any other relevant details.
    • Proof of sufficient funds to cover expenses during the visit, such as bank statements or sponsorship letters.
    • Copy of flight itinerary or confirmed return ticket.
    • Any additional documents specified by the Tanzanian immigration authorities.
  4. Pay Visa Fees: Pay the required visa application fees, which may vary depending on the type of visa, nationality of the applicant, and processing time. Fees are typically payable in the local currency or designated foreign currency, and payment methods may include cash, credit/debit cards, or bank transfers.

  5. Submit Application: Submit the completed visa application form, along with all required documents and proof of payment, to the nearest Tanzanian embassy, consulate, or visa application center. If applying online, follow the instructions for electronic submission and upload all necessary documents as per the guidelines.

  6. Attend Visa Interview (if required): In some cases, applicants may be required to attend a visa interview at the Tanzanian diplomatic mission or consulate. During the interview, applicants may be asked questions about their intended business activities, travel plans, and other relevant details.

  7. Wait for Processing: Once the visa application is submitted, applicants must wait for the processing to be completed. Processing times may vary depending on the volume of applications, embassy/consulate workload, and other factors. It’s advisable to apply for the visa well in advance of the intended travel date to allow for sufficient processing time.

  8. Receive Visa: Upon approval, the applicant will be issued the business visa, either in the form of a visa stamp in their passport or an electronic visa (e-visa) confirmation. Ensure to check the visa details for accuracy, including the validity dates, permitted duration of stay, and any specific conditions or restrictions.

  9. Travel to Tanzania: With the approved business visa, the applicant can travel to Tanzania within the validity period specified on the visa. Upon arrival in Tanzania, present the passport with the visa to immigration officials for entry clearance.

It’s important to note that visa requirements, application procedures, and processing times may be subject to change, so applicants should verify the latest information from the official website of the Tanzanian immigration authorities or consult with the nearest Tanzanian embassy or consulate before applying for a business visa.

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