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Business Shaped Solutions

Our business development practices excel in Trademarks, Taxation, Copyright, Real Estate, Patent, and Immigration Services. We prioritize client success through strategic trademark management, tax optimization, copyright protection, real estate solutions, patent strategy, and seamless immigration services. Trust us for comprehensive expertise and tailored solutions in these critical domains.

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Immigration Services

Business Consulting Service

When you think of starting a business, think of GERPAT Solutions. We cover you through the whole journey of business venture!
We are here for you. Expect quality job in a timely manner delivery of services

Trademarks Services

Trademark law, vital for safeguarding brand elements, experiences surging popularity globally, particularly in Tanzania, ensuring brand protection.

Taxation Services

Navigate tax complexity effortlessly with our expert team. Services include strategic tax solutions and updates.

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Gerpat Solutions with a team of Copyright Attorneys have enough experience helping clients to handle copyright assignments at affordable price meeting their requirements and expectations. Although in Tanzania, copyright owner acquires copyrights automatically, registration with the Copyright Society of Tanzania (COSOTA) seems to be of great importance because it makes easier to prove copyright ownership in the event ownership is in dispute. Thus, we always advise all copyright owners to take trouble to register their protected works for easier enforcement of their right.

Real Estate Services

Explore residential, land, farm, office, and warehouse options. Expert advice on local and international land transactions.
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Patent Services

Gerpat Solutions has been involved in drafting of a large number of patent specifications and filing and prosecuting applications in Tanzania and abroad. It is also engaged in conducting several opposition proceedings for many of its clients. The Firm’s qualified team assists its clients through the entire process of protecting their patent rights. From conducting Search, Patent drafting, Patent filling and prosecution, Opinion, counselling and prosecution as well as Patent litigation

Immigration Services

We are an innovative immigration company that delivers a comprehensive suite of strategic immigration services to corporations through our team of highly skilled professionals.